The Picture Projection Test is designed as an alternative to the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT). There are nine picture cards. (Surveys indicate that psychologists use many fewer than the twenty pictures suggested in the TAT manual.)

The pictures are up-to-date (no one is smoking a pipe) and actual smiles are apparent. The pictures are oil paintings in color (painted by Dr. Anat Ben-Zvi, a psychology colleague and artist from Brooklyn)-research has shown that color tends to result in longer stories and more emotion. Each picture pulls for relationships typical of everyday human interaction. Research suggests that the PPT pictures are better at separating depressed from non-depressed patients and psychotic from non-psychotic patients.

While the norms and scoring system aid in interpretation, the Picture Projection Test can be used with adults and adolescents for the same purposes as the TAT. The PPT was designed to improve on assessment done with the TAT. The method of administration is the same as for the TAT- clients are asked to tell stories to the pictures.

The PPT scoring system has several response categories and norms from 300 non-patient individuals, somewhat heavily weighted for white, middle-class subjects. The scoring system covers complexity (word length), reality testing (form quality), affect (degree and looseness of modulation), emotional stress (similar to the Rorschach Comprehensive System), Benevolence-Malevolence (emotional tone of the stories), aggression (on a 4-point scale of intensity), and relationships (based on the inclusion of intimate relationships in the stories). It can be accomplished in 10-30 minutes and is an aid to interpretation. Other or additional scoring systems can be applied.

The Picture Projection Test consists of a Folio containing the 9 full color, laminated 8 1/2 X 11 picture cards, Scoring & Interpretation Manual, and Pad of 25 Scoring Sheets.

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